A Picture Post

Hello Everyone! Here are some pictures of some of the exciting times at Sunrise of Life. Pictured is above is all the children at the Residential Centre. This past week all the children were given a day out which included a great lunch and a hike to the waterfalls in Arusha! The hike was challenging for all, but together we got through. The children really had a great day! Thanks to Hilda for making this possible. 

Godbless and Tom

Lunch before the hike!

We made it to the waterfalls!

Meru, Aster and Oetke 

Ema and Junior 


As a goodbye to Mamma Jackie and Mamma Hilda the children put on a great show! Village leaders were invited to this great event. 

The classroom received a new roof and ceiling! It looks so much better. Unfortunately, the walls are in such disrepair that in the process of renovation they will have to be repainted. We will miss the beautiful mural's but hope to raise funds to get the walls painted with something similar. 

Kennedy has started form 5 and 6 which is University Preparation

Working on the ceiling!

At the waterfalls with Manager Maureen and Social Worker Jackson

On the bus to the waterfalls! 

Welcome to Tanzania Oetke and Dorina

The new Roof!! 

Mamma Jackie and Mamma Rita saying goodbye right before they left back to Canada. Thanks are extended by the board in Tanzania, the Village of Maji ya Chai and all the Children for your amazing support! 

Praise helping Mamma Jackie sew

Mamma Vumi helping the kids fix their water gun! 

The children standing to thank Mamma Rita and Mamma Jackie

On the Head Table- Jackie- Rita- Tom- Aster- This event was held to thank all for their support to the centre and the children. Not pictured on the head table are the village leaders, Kinia (Board Member).