Greetings from Tanzania!!

I hope all are doing well. Here in Tanzania it has finally stopped raining and work in the garden and the renovation projects at the centre are starting again. The coming months will be ‘winter’ here which means that it will be mostly cloudy, with no rain. Winter typically ends with the long rainy season.

Hanging out with Flat Stanley, given by a school in St. Albert, Alberta! 

We came back from a great safari and a trip to Zanzibar on Tuesday. It was amazing to see the wonders of this country and to share this with Mom and Aunt Rita. See a few of the many pictures below.

Having Breakfast

Visiting Hadji. Hadji graduated from the Sol program in 2014 and since then has worked in Zanzibar. He is now a supervisor at a resort there and is doing great! 

Yesterday we joined the street children in playing the weekly football game by the railway tracks. This happens every Wednesday in the city and is put on by Amani Street Centre. Amani street centre is based in Moshi, a city about 2 hours away from Arusha. During outreach we met one boy named Shabani, he recently came to the streets with his brother from Mwanza. Shortly after coming to Arusha he and his brother became separated, and he has not been able to find his brother since this time. Shabani wants to go home, and is working with Amani Centre to make this happen. In the meantime he was invited to stay at the Drop-in centre in Arusha.

Some great art work has been done at the drop-in centre to make it more welcoming to the children living on the streets, we hope to have another large painting completed for the entryway, and more pictures will be posted soon! We are delighted to have Aster from Berlin doing her internship at the drop-in centre to make that program more effective.

At the Residential Centre all the children are attending school daily. Some have come from boarding school, and are on break until July. During their time off they will be helping out at the centre doing things like working in the garden, taking care of the livestock, and trimming the grass. All the children pass on their greetings!!  

Until next time!

- Tom